Harmonic Analysis of J.S. Bach’s Chorales

Here in one package is a rosetta stone that uncovers the countless mysteries of Bach’s masterful compositional art. Any lover of harmony and/or music theory will treasure this collection of the Bach chorales.

Each of the chorales of J.S. Bach is given extensive treatment clearly showing the functional harmony that is implicit in his music by a thorough harmonic analysis underneath each phrase.

Bach Chorale No.3

Bach Chorale No.3 Ach Gott und Herr BWV 255

The modern musician who may not be so familiar with music theory and harmonic analysis will still benefit from this edition of the Bach chorales as each chord is identified above the staff with modern chord symbolism. The complexity of Bach’s harmony is made plain as each chorale is treated much like a jazz chord chart would be. Never before has it been so easy to glimpse into the musical mind of any great composer.

Bach Chorale No.26

Bach Chorale No.26 Auf meinem lieben Gott BWV 188

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