Johann Sebastian Bach 413 Chorales: Analyzed

J.S. Bach Chorales_Master of Harmony_AdThe Bach Chorales have been the foundation of great music practice, music education, good taste, form, voice leading, and music theory for more than 150 years.

Here now are all of his known chorales in an easy to read spiral bound format. This version of the Bach Chorales is the most helpful edition available on the market as the it contains instant access into the musical language of this great master. A note-by-note analysis of Bach’s marvelous technique is given in a way that allows the reader to instantly grasp the many subtleties found in them. Each chorale is neatly arranged and presented in a way that any musician will appreciate. There are no small, cramped pages of difficult to read music that will not sit properly on a music stand. If you are interested in bringing your musical ability to another level, you will save many hours of time and study with this edition of the Bach Chorales.

  • The most comprehensive analysis of Johann Sebastian Bach’s chorales to date

  • Use Bach’s harmonic vocabulary to unlock and inspire your own creative genius

  • Hundreds of insightful and helpful pointers for both the classically trained and the modern performer

  • An invaluable resource for the composer, arranger, performer, teacher, student, and music enthusiast alike


The Greatest Musician Who Ever Lived

Johann Sebastian Bach is widely considered to be the greatest musician who ever lived. He is known to have taught his own students the principles of music by making them study and write chorales. These brief pieces of music are masterpieces not only of harmonic virtuosity but music pedagogy and musical instruction. They have been the cornerstone of music education and instruction for more than 150 years and have been extolled by practically all the great musicians who have followed in his wake.

“The Berlin composer, theorist, and writer Reichardt had a remarkable sense of Bach’s artistic greatness, authority, and influence, but he could hardly have anticipated Beethoven’s notion of Bach the ‘progenitor of harmony’, let alone the fact that Bach’s four-part chorales would, for more than two centuries and to the present day, reign supreme as the pre-eminent fundamental text for the teaching of harmony.”

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J.S. Bach 413 Chorales: Analyzed

J.S. Bach 413 Chorales: Analyzed

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Here are all of his known chorales gathered into one collection in an easy to read format. Each piece is given it’s own page for easy viewing. But this volume of Bach’s chorales is far different from any other as it also provides in depth harmonic analysis that gives countless insights into Bach’s inexhaustible musical genius. Today’s modern musician will benefit greatly from this book as the chords that Bach used are all notated in modern jazz type chord symbolism that is provided above the staff for ease of comprehension here. Helpful footnotes and important insights regarding J.S. Bach’s thorough-bass style and harmonic vocabulary that were recorded by his son Carl Philip Emanuel are provided throughout the text.

Any person wishing to improve his or her skills in music would benefit greatly from the study of J.S. Bach’s chorales. They have been the bible of western music since the 18th century. This study has now been made significantly easier with this book. What better way to improve your musical skills than by studying the greatest musician who ever lived?

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How to Improve Your musical Ability as Fast as Possible.

Anyone who has studied music for any length of time knows how easy it is to get stuck at a certain level and to become discontent with the progress they are making. Here is a simple way to break out of that common problem: Study with a master musician. Unfortunately, this is not always possible for many people. Most people CAN however study the music of a great musician. However, this can be a very time consuming process. Let’s face the facts; There are no shortcuts to true mastery of music. -The price to be paid is great love for the art and countless hours of dedication. But here now is an easy path to gain instant insight into the musical mind of one of history’s greatest geniuses. You can save yourself many hours of study and enjoy the endless marvels of Bach’s music that are made plain in this easy to read spiral bound book. For about the price of a single hour long lesson by a living master you can get a lifetime worth of inspiration and knowledge in a single volume text. (Actually, in many cities you would spend much more for an hour lesson with a master musician.)

But don’t just take my word for it. Read for yourself what these great musicians had to say about learning from J.S. Bach’s music.

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What Customers are Saying about J.S. Bach 413 Chorales: Analyzed:

“A phenomenal resource! As an organist who frequently harmonizes chorales and continually works with figured bass (I have a master’s of Music from McGill) , I can truly say that this is a book that offers insight, inspiration and direction to my work. It is indeed surprising that it has taken this long for a work like this to surface. Now that it has, it is a blessing.” -(Joel P. -Canada)

“Marvelous analysis of Bach Chorales, obviously a labor of love: great book, great price, fast shipping, great consumer service.” -(Erik W. -Florida)

“This text is a worthy addition to the library of anyone studying harmony or composition.” -(John K. -Australia)

“I wish I could have bought a book like this many years ago. Easy to read with nice typeface.” -(Thad H. -Michigan)

“This is the game changer when it comes to the Bach Chorales. This volume is for the working/teaching musician. Anyone with an interest in harmony simply can not be without this volume.” -(Ken S. -Florida)

“Seller is great – the book is awesome! Just what I was looking for. This is going to give me a lot to study. I have told several of my musician friends about this resource. Thanks for making this available.” -(Michael U. -California)

“Book arrived much sooner than I expected. It is spiral bound so opens out flat for easy access and uses both Roman Numerals and chord names. This is a great resource for anyone studying the Bach Chorales for a deeper understanding of harmony from the Master himself.” -(John P. -United Kingdom)

New companion text of the chorales of J.S. Bach

AVAILABLE NOW on Amazon: J.S. Bach 413 Chorales

Here is the companion text to the analyzed version. This version of the Bach chorales is presented simply without annotations or analysis. There is plenty of space on each page for your own notation. The chorales here are very easy to read as each piece is given it’s own page. The spiral binding allows for ease of use with no wrestling to keep the music on the piano or music stand. Students and educators alike will find this version the easiest and most accessible edition of the Bach chorales available on the market.

J.S. Bach 413 Chorales AVAILABLE NOW

J.S. Bach 413 Chorales

What Customers are Saying about J.S. Bach 413 Chorales:

“Very fast shipping — and this is a well-made product. Every serious musician should have this book in their library. It makes the sight reading of these little gems a pleasure.” -(Glenn M. -Massachusetts)

“Excellent delivery service. Well printed, bound, far more than what I had expected. It is certainly worth the cost.” -(John F. -California)

“Everything was just as described, and the item arrived promptly. The ease of use of this edition is enhanced by the large print, ample note-taking space, and large, spiral binding.” -(Jerome C. -Florida)